Install Free Movies Apps on Android TV

There are lots of free movies apps available on Google play Sore. Those apps are legal movies and TV shows apps. For example, Tubi TV, Sony Crackle and many more TV apps are available on Google Play Store for free. However, those free services support Ads and does not have all the latest movies releases you want.

Outside the Play Store for Android TV, there are lots of Android TV apps that offer free movies and TV Shows like Morpheus TV, Morph TV, Terrarium, Cartoon HD and many more. Installing those apps on Android TV is not as installing them on Android phone. Out of the box, Android TV does not have any web browsing app that facilitate file downloads. If so, entering long download URLs using TV remote is not easy.

Filelinked for Android TV

You can use apps like Anality or X-plore to install Filelinked app. Because apps like downloader, ES File Explorer, puffin browser no longer available for Android TV. Therefor available apps to download files becoming limited every day. Best and easiest way to configure google Drive account on Android TV using X-plore and install Filelinked app using Google Drive. That is the easiest and long-lasting method you can follow right now.

Once you install Filelinked app you have access to hundreds on Android TV apps and games for free. Filelinked is completely free. Anyone can create Filelinked account and create their own Filelinked store. Just by using few Filelinked codes out there you can install all most all required free movies, TV Shows, Live TV channels, Anime, sport channels, World TV, new channels apps.

Features of Filelinked

– Completely free to use
– No advertisements
– Each file has image or logo area.
– Reference links to each file on Filelinked Stores. If you do not know about the app and want to know more details you can use that reference link to visit website that file related.
– One click download button. No redirections or advertisement waiting time like other app stores.
– Integrated virus scanning app. You can integrate VirusTotal app. Using VirusTotal app you can scan files before downloading.
– Anyone can create their own Filelinked store. That store may contain your image collection, video collection or music collection.
– You can access your stores on Any Android device.
– Protect your store using pin code.
– Share your collection of images, videos or music with friends by sending filelinked code.

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