CPU-Z: Monitor For Your Computer Hardware

CPU-Z is a free tool that monitors your computer hardware. It’s like being a detective for your computer parts. It tells you about your CPU, RAM, motherboard, and graphics card. The program has tabs such as CPU, Caches, Mainboard, Memory, SPD, Graphics, Bench, and About. Each tab displays different items. The About tab also shows you which version of CPU-Z you are using.


Key Points Revealed

The Mainboard Tab

This CPU-Z tab is very helpful. It tells you who made both your motherboard and chipset. You can learn about materials and other technical skills.
Memory Tab

Here, you learn about your computer’s memory. It shows the speed and other important information such as latency and cycle time.
Graphic Tab

If you have more than one graphics card, this tab allows you to switch between them. It tells you the GPU name, manufacturer, and details like core clock rate and memory size.

Utility and Application

CPU-Z is really useful. It tells you what’s inside your computer. This helps you determine if your computer can run certain games or applications. It also helps you decide if you need to upgrade your computer.


You can change the settings on the CPU-Z. You do this by editing the cpuz.ini file.

CPU-Z Features

Benchmark : CPU-Z allows you to test how well your computer performs.
CPU Details: This shows more information about your processor.
Cache: This feature shows you your cache size and speed.
Export: You can save the text as text or an HTML file.
Graphics: Gives you information about your GPU and memory.
Motherboard: This displays your motherboard information.
Overclocking: CPU-Z can detect voltage and multiplier for overclocking.
RAM: This shows you the data and time range of your RAM.
Reports: You can visualize your computer data in screenshots or text files.
Score: This allows you to compare your computer against others.
System Information: This shows the version of Windows you have and when it was installed.
Temperature: CPU-Z can monitor how hot your computer is getting.
Validation: You can check your results online to see if they are correct.

Licensing and Compatibility

CPU-Z is free for Windows and has no usage restrictions. The latest version tested is 2.08. CPUID is the company that makes the CPU-Z. They also accept donations to improve the quality of the software. It works with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Ideal for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. No special download is required for 64-bit. In 2023, they also released a version for Android phones.
Therefore, CPU-Z is a handy tool to find out about your computer. It is easy to use and goes a long way in understanding your computer.


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