Friday Night Funking Android Game Download For Free 2022

Friday Night Funking Android Game Download For Free 2022

“Friday Night Funking” is a video game where players get to groove to the beat of their favorite songs.

This amazing game is free and open to anyone who wants to roll up their sleeves and jam out.

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Friday Night Funking takes some of your favorite songs that you might have heard on the radio, TV or in a club and lets you dance along with them or play against friends or the computer to score points.

Features Of Friday Night Funking

Like other rhythm games, players will be presented with a series of prompts to follow along with the beat.

The game makes it easy for players to feel like they are jamming and dancing with their favorite songs by giving them some of the most popular, top 40 hits from today and yesterday as well as some classic songs that have been around for decades.

Friday Night Funking is available on iTunes or Google Play where you can start grooving to your favorite music now.

Further this is a rhythm dancing video game where you are tasked with the mission of saving one of your favorite nightclubs from being shut down.

To do so, you’ll need to dance to some of the hottest tracks and collect badges, unlocking new levels and costumes along the way.

You are the DJ, and your mission is to turn Friday Night Funking into the hottest dance party on the block.

Choose your favorite tracks, mix them together and then watch as a cast of colorful characters show up to enjoy the beat. DJ!

Every time a new track starts, the game changes and different characters will appear on screen that you need to throw into your mix to keep the party going.

Anyone who wants to get their hands dirty is welcome to play this wonderful game for free.



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