Candy Camera android apk 2023 version for free download

Candy Camera android apk 2023 version for free download

Make your appearance beautiful by making the Candy Camera as your device camera. Use more filters and optimize the app to a very higher optimization. Shall we take a selfie by using the candy Camera? Yeah, definitely. Use the multiple features of here and experience the app forever. Use an alternative to your device camera. 

candy camera

Capture the beautiful moments of life by using the Candy Camera. Make more filters to turn diverse environments around. The new filters have been added with the latest version of the candy Camera. So that the latest version is 5.4.59- play. Even it is only about a 30 MB sized app. If you think it is useful allocate that small space from your device to the candy Camera. 

Features of the Candy Camera 

The presence or the filters 

There are many more features present here in this app itself. Also those filters will help you to change the same event into diverse experiences. Each filter will change the skin of the Candy Cam. Skin look can be changed into diverse styles by utilizing the candy Camera.  Use the swiping options to change the filters. The swiping can be done in both directions. 

Beauty functions 

Apart from the filters, there are more other beauty effects. There are more effects in the newest version and that can apply to make your photo more beautiful and perfect from any side. Use lipstick, blush, slimming and the whitening can be applied. Edit the image, use the makeup, and use more stickers to the photo that you wished to turn diverse. 


The stickers are here to make you as another person. The stickers can use for the accordance of the stickers and on the season. The Candy Cam is along with the huge sticker collection. New stickers have been added with the every latest version of the stickers. If you want to become a cute person use more cute stickers that can be found for the image. 

Silent camera 

This is a specific feature included in the candy cam. Also, the silent mode can be applied for each and every occasion. Take more silent selfies, snapshots, and use this for photography.  Don’t be hesitate, the camera is silent while in the silent mode. Enjoy this feature, you don’t want to use any other app. 


Multiple photos have to be used with the collage collection. Choose much more styles and other grids to make your college diverse.  If you want, you can take the photos from the collage mode. Use this feature to experience the candy Camera from another view. 

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Requirements and facts about the Candy Camera 


Also, the Candy Cam is a safe app and even it is rated for 3+. There is no harmful content in the app. So that means there is no malware. The Candy  Cam has undergone a safety scan. It is a trusted source. 


Due to the all-exclusive features included here, over 1 million individuals have joined with the candy Camera so far. If you haven’t joined the Candy Camera yet, this is your chance. 

Contain advertisements 

Also, there are some more advertisements in this app. But those form only by the app developer. Therefore those ads won’t interrupt your experience. 

Free to use 

There are no charges due to the usage of the app. So that means there are no charges. Use it totally free.

What’s new with the latest version of the Candy Camera? 

  • Added more new filters for the app 
  • The bug of the wide-angle lens has fixed 
  • The service has stabilized 
  • Fixed the existed bugs 
  • More improvements can be seen 

   The stated all facts are about the more amazing candy cam. Also, there are no other apps that can be similar to the others. 


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