ZArchiver android Apk 2023 version for free download

ZArchiver android Apk 2023 version for free download

Mainly this is a program. The program here focused on archive management. The interface and the service is done by the archiver. But mainly the app hasn’t permission to access the Internet. Therefore any user hasn’t the ability to transmit or send any details to one person from another one. That is the nature of the app called ZArchiver. There are even no other services associated with the ZArchiver. 


There are more other specifications included in the latest version of the ZArchiver. That the latest version is 0.9.3. The app is only about 4.34 MB sized. Just after reading it allocate some space from the device that you have. 

Features of the ZArchiver 

Archive types that could create

There are more archive types that can achieve and unarchive by using this app. Some of them are the most commonly used types. Examples for the XZ and the gzip. 

Decompress file types 

Some of the file types can be compressed easily by using the amusing app called ZArchiver. Examples for such file types are zip and RAR. There are many other types. 

Viewing the archive contents 

All archivers and contents can view by using here in this app. Any of the archive contents can use and edit using this app.

Password protect 

If there is any content that you wanted to protect, assign a password for that. Password protection is the best method to protect all the valuable data included in this app. 


Mainly the edits can be done for the archives only. Add files, remove files, or perform any other edits to the archive. 

Download links for the ZArchiver Android App


Requirements and facts about the ZArchiver Android app

Further features 

There are more features included here. Mainly the key feature of this app is multithreading support. This is most important for the multi-core processors.  Apart from that the multi-select mode is another specific fact is the enabling of the multi Selective mode. 


Due to the popularity of the ZArchiver, over 1 million individuals have joined with the ZArchiver app. If you haven’t joined the ZArchiver app yet, start it today. Because you are aware of all the facts about this app. Join the community just now. 

Safe app 

The ZArchiver is for the age of 3+ mainly. No one needs to check the usage of the app because this is just an achiever app. And also, no parenting guide is needed. The Z Archiver has undergone a safety scan. Therefore the app has proven that it is free of all harmful things. 

No advertisements 

There is no any kind of advertisements in this app. Therefore anyone doesn’t want to disturb by the popping up of advertisements. 

Free to use 

There is no any type of hidden charge here in this ZArchiver. Therefore it is totally free. Enjoy them all. Features included in the app just for free. 

Legal confirmation 

The ZArchiver is a legal app and it is very safe to use. There are no restrictions against the ZArchiver. Therefore there won’t be any type of obstacle against the usage of the ZArchiver. 

What’s new with the latest version of the ZArchiver Android App? 

  • Fixed all the small crashes in the app 
  • Archive on corrupt 
  • Fixed the bugs 
  • Speed up of the operating 
  • Update the app 
  • Supported features have extended 

  The ZArchiver Download is a better archive management app. There are no other apps that can be similar to this ZArchiver. So this is the only app. Here are the unique details of the app. 

   If you think that this is much beneficial to use, start to use it today onwards. Just join the community. Certainly you would get much more uses out of the Z Archiver android app. Finally if you think that this app is beneficial, share your ideas with your other friends even. 


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