Energy Bar APK | An indicator bar for your battery life

Energy Bar APK | An indicator bar for your battery life

Energy Bar is a popular app that uses among Android users. It puts a colorful bar to the top of your screen, and it indicates your device battery status. So any time you can see the battery level. So this is a kind of important app to each and every one. Now you can easily download energy bar apk from the internet directly, and the process is entirely free. 

Energy bar apk

Energy bar indicates several color codes. You can make changes on this by changing the setup options. It let users set, how wide should the battery icon to be and the color nomenclature.  So if the bar is bright green, it means the battery is full. And when the color tuns low it means the battery is running low. Once you install the energy bar apk, the bar stays at the front default.  So you can change it from the setup options even deactivate it.

More about Energy Bar

Energy Bar is a lightweight and straightforward app. So it accepts hardly any RAM. The best part of the app is, it allows users to keep the device battery status all time.

The latest update of the Energy Bar allows users to get many opportunities. It includes modified features, newbie features and bug fixed solutions. So while using the app, you can get latest updates freely, and it is easy to get the latest updates without any condition. 

Features of the energy bar apk

Energy bar application designed with a bunch of features. That is why it is too much important application for Android users. So let’s see some included features of this energy bar apk. 

  • Ability to adjust the thickness of the of the bar
  • Users have the freedom to align the bar to left / centre/right of the screen
  • Ability to colour-code the Energy Bar
  • Add an extra layer of information
  • Can split the bar into segments 
  • A different color to each 25% of the battery.
  • Ability to auto-hide Energy Bar 
  • Fullscreen content (Apps, Movies, Images, Games etc.)
  • Facilitated by an intuitive UI
  • Ability to drag the sliders back and drop it a to do the split.

Download and install energy bar apk

Android users now can easily download energy bar apk to your smartphone, and the process is quite simple.  Here it is freely available, and energy bar apk allows us to download the application from the internet directly.  You can search for energy bar apk from google and choose the best and reliable website to download the app. For that, you can follow the below steps, and this is just simple and amazing. 

  • First, you have to download the energy bar apk file from the internet. It allows direct download. 
  • Then enable unknown sources option on your device. For that, you have to change device settings. So go to the Settings option and tap on security settings. Then enable unknown sources on your device. Put a tick in front of the Unknown sources option.  
  • Now close all the open windows.
  • Then open the device download folder. Tap on the energy bar apk file. Double-tap to open it. 
  • Before the installation, the application asks to agree with terms and conditions. To continue the process, tap on “Agree”. Give a few seconds to complete the installation successfully. 

You can easily follow the above steps and complete the installation, without any difficulty. Here you are entirely free to use energy bar on your Android smartphone.


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