Root Checker Android APK 2023 Version Free Download

Root Checker Android APK 2023 Version Free Download

The proper root access can be checked by using this type of app. Sometimes that can be a superuser or su-root access. That can be correctly analyzed by this type of a root checker. So that is easily configured by this app successfully. Also this is a free, fast, and easily accessible root checker. Because of these all features, a presence here of over 50 million individuals has joined this great community that has widely spread worldwide. If you haven’t joined the community yet, join the app just after reading all the necessary details. 

root checker

 The latest version of the root checker is along with the many more specifications here. Also that the latest version is 6.4.8. And it is about an 8.1 MB sized app. If you really think that this is a better app, allocate some more space for the app. 

Features of the root checker android apk 

Simple procedure 

The app provides you with an easy and more simple procedure while using the app. Therefore any user is able to use this worthy app. And there is a simple interface. Also the interfaces of the app itself make the app very nice and could be easily understood. 

Support team 

There is an always supported team for the works of the app at any time. Mail for the support team to solve any problem due to the app and solve it. 

The user’s skills 

For some users the usage of the app becomes easier. As well as that there are some users that have made the procedure more difficult. That could be due to the skills of each and other users. So if the user is a more skilled person the working with the app is easy. But every user doesn’t want to be along with the technical skills.


The root checker is acting as the best analyzer for the devices with the root access. It will analyze the performance of the root checker in the device. That will be displayed as a percentage of the performance. 

In-app purchases 

The overall app is not for free. Also the users have to pay some more amount in order to experience all specific features included in the app. So if you are using the free version, you would only be able to enjoy some limited features here. 


So due to the popularity of the features and other facts included in the app over 50 million users have joined with the app. If you haven’t connected with the community yet just Joined it now 

Download links for the root checker Android App


Requirements and facts about the root checker Android app


The root checker app has rated for the 3+.  Also, the app can be founded through the Google store. Those apps are undergoing a safety scan. That safety scan will assure that the app is free from any type of harmful software like viruses and other all.

Contain ads 

There are some more ads contained here in the app. But those are placed by the app developer. Therefore you won’t be disturbed by the ads placed by the developers. 

Legal confirmation 

The usage of the root checker is not an illegal activity. There is no any type of obstacles included for the usage of the app. 

What’s new with the latest version of the root checker app

  • Addition of the like button and the other all root basic 
  • Refreshing the root 
  • The most popular ones can be ranked 
  • The welcome screen appeared for the first time users 
  • Bugs have fixed 
  • More improvements can be seen 

These all are the specific facts about the amusing app called this root checker. This is a better app that can be used with a device that is along with the root access. If you are satisfied with these facts, install it just now. Experience with the all latest features here. 


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